Home Detox: Addressing Your Addiction Problems at Home

Breaking free from the cycle of drug addiction may prove to be difficult. This is especially true if the individual has become so dependent on the substance. For those who have chosen to change their ways, they must work to overcome their physical dependence on their drug of choice. To get this done, people who are currently living with addiction must undergo and complete the detoxification process. Detox is basically the process in which the harmful toxins found in drugs (e.g. cocaine, heroin, marijuana, alcohol, etc.) are flushed out of the body.

Many experts recommend that detox be done under the care of a rehabilitation specialist, but nowadays home based detox options are offered as well. A home based treatment indeed has its benefits, but the process should only be performed once a doctor or a health professional approves of it. An individual should never attempt to detox on their own without the supervision of an expert. It could not only have serious health consequences but it could also put the individual’s life in danger.

At Home Detox Program for Alcohol and Drugs

Detoxing at home can be a real challenge. Many individuals tend to relapse when they experience discomfort during the withdrawal stage. Those who have a support group at home, however, may have an easier time dealing with the problem. A lot of people are at their worst during detox, and having loved ones around can help speed up the recovery process.

For those who want to overcome their addiction at home, detox program is the first step. Home Detox offers services that are affordable and effective, with your information remaining confidential during the treatment. Their programs are supervised by qualified doctors and nurses, and additional support services can be provided as requested by the client.

Home Detox’s Home Services

Home based detoxprograms are a great treatment alternative to drug rehabilitation facilities. In fact, there are a number of benefits to choosing these home treatments.

  • Convenience

Upon consultation, the doctor will normally pay you a visit within a couple of days, at a time that is convenient for both of you. A home based treatment will also allow you to live through your regular activities, in contrast to rehabilitation clinics where you will be required to be isolated from your normal routines.

  • Health-friendly

A doctor will evaluate your current state and prescribe you medicines if he deems it appropriate. This is to help your body cope up with the absence of alcohol and drugs. This method will prevent the seizures or mood swings that may arise from the sudden changes in your body’s chemical activities. This also helps you deal with cold turkey responses much better. The goal is to help your body systems regain its natural balance as the medications are reduced gradually. These usually last between 7 and 10 days based on the doctor’s recommendation.

  • Patient Discretion

One of the concerns of many patients when deciding to undergo detox is going away for the treatment. They think that it may hurt their family, career and social life, worrying that others may know the reason behind their absence. With home detox treatments, no one has to know what you are going through. Your situation will be confidential and will remain so even after your treatment is complete.

  • Patient Support

After a detox programme has been set for you, Home Detox’s patient support is available 24/7 to help you deal with any questions, issues, and complications that may arise during the treatment. Help from a qualified rehabilitation therapist will also be provided to help you stay free from your addiction. If you need additional support, Home Detox has a variety of counselling services that you can avail of.

Once you have completed your detox programme, it is highly recommended for you to seek support and counselling to ensure that recovery will be maximised. Detox is not a cure in itself, but it is a continuing process that will eventually lead to it.

Vanessa Holt Doctor and psychotherapist

Dr. Vanessa Holt Psyc. A qualified Doctor and psychotherapist and specialises in depression, anxiety and grief. In the past, he has worked extensively with trauma and personal loss of clients, especially those involved in the armed forces. See more

Shaun Clare Clinical Lead

Shaun Clare is a highly experienced psychiatric nurse and nurse prescriber. He has worked in substance misuse services for the last 12 years and prior to this worked in acute and general psychiatry for 10 years. See more

Nigel Radcliffe Accredited Addictions Counsellor

Originally a child care social worker in Essex, Nigel worked with difficult teenagers and later managed a child protection team. From 1985-89 he worked at the Southend Drug and Alcohol Advisory Service, mainly providing services to opiate addicts and their families. See more

Vasilios Silivistris Accredited Addictions Counsellor

Dr Vasilios Silivistris is of Greek-Cypriot heritage and was born in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa.   He spent most of his formative years in the United Kingdom where he completed his primary, secondary and tertiary education. See more

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