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Head Office: Home Alcohol Detox. Arquen House,4-6 Spicer Street, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL3 4PQ
Ireland +353 15686573
We offer help 24/7 to our beloved clients. To non-clients, we take your emergencies seriously and we do our best to offer assistance even out of office hours. If home alcohol treatment does not suffice. our sister company there is instant inpatient alcohol detox and rehab 24/7 at our rehab clinics

Let us help you break-free from addiction with our holistic home detox programmes

George Knight, Managing Director
Alcohol home detox

There is always a way to recover from addiction, whether it's from alcohol dependence or drug addiction, it’s never easy, but we are here to help.

Addiction is a hard demon to battle, but the good news is, you don't have to face it alone. Get started with a home detox programme and cleanse yourself from what hurts your body and your loved ones.

Here at Steps+, we understand the possibilities why committing to a full in-patient rehab just might not be the best option for you. And that is why our team of experts created safe & reliable at home detox programmes to extend our hands to those who cannot reach a helping hand. If not suitable for our home alcohol treatment, we offer the full range of alcohol rehab, alcohol detox and full rehab facilities at our alcohol inpatient rehab clinics Serenity Addiction Centres based all over the UK

Call us for free, no-obligation advice and start you or a loved one's journey to a better life.

Steps+ Home Detox Plan for Alcohol & Drugs: The First Stage

In the past, alcohol home detox and drug home detox treatment programmes have a low chance of success. But as our experts gained more knowledge through research, and mostly through actual experience, our staff were either a victim of addiction themselves or had a loved one who needed help, we were able to create detox programmes at home that are safe & efficient. Now you have the freedom to eliminate addiction from your life while you carry on your daily routine.

The first step to recover from alcohol or drug addiction is a home detox cleanse. We help your body heal from long-term alcohol dependence or drug abuse. Although addiction is damaging itself, managing withdrawal symptoms are expected to be more difficult for most cases. While patterns may differ, withdrawal symptoms can be identified both emotionally and physically. During this stage, we will help you overcome withdrawal symptoms safely as it can become dangerous without the help of a medical expert.

It is very important to emphasise how dangerous the first stages of recovery can get. We highly encourage that you seek the advice of a medical expert to ensure your safety and the success of your home treatment.

For more information on withdrawal symptoms to watch out for, kindly refer to these pages: Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms , Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Watch How Steps+ Home Detox Works
Home Alcohol Detox

Why Choose Steps+ Home Detox for Help

Our experts work hard to make our home based detox programmes effective & tailor-fitted to our clients’ needs. Experience genuine support & holistic care from Steps+ today.


Detoxing at home, you can carry on your daily routine, while recovering from addiction. Spend quality time with your loved ones, perform your work duties, however you want to spend your day, we can make it happen while you create a better future for yourself & the people that you share your life with.

Safe & Tailor-Fitted

After your initial evaluation, we personalise the treatment & prescribed medication to ensure we satisfy all your needs to fully recover from drugs or alcohol addiction. These treatment plans & medications are necessary for your body and mind to be prepared with the challenges of withdrawal. This process usually lasts 7 to 10 days.

Patient Discretion

We value your privacy whoever you maybe. Your recovery will always remain confidential as all we care about is for you & your loved ones to enjoy a new & addiction-free life. Home detox’ biggest advantage is being one of the most discreet methods to recovery.

24/7 Support

We will never let you go through this alone. We ensure we will always be there to help you or your loved one for any question, issue or any symptoms you are experiencing. The Steps+ family is ready 24/7 to help you remain drug-free, and ensure you become successful to your journey to a brighter future.

Detox is the first step to your recovery. It is highly advisable to take continuous support and counselling to mentally prepare you from challenges on the final stages of your recovery. Contact Steps+ or Serenity Addiction Centres for more information.

Meet Our Team


Consultant Director
Chris BSc (Hons). Has set up a number of clinics in Europe with the intention of setting out to help other alcoholics, addicts and depressive disorders make their first steps to recovery. Be the change you wish to see in this world, anything is possible.
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Managing Director
With Georges passion to understand addictive behaviours, puts him in the right place to solve clients problems.
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Doctor and psychotherapist
Dr. Vanessa Holt Psyc. A qualified Doctor and psychotherapist and specialises in depression, anxiety and grief. In the past, she has worked extensively with trauma and personal loss of clients, especially those involved in the armed forces.
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Director of Operations
Fenella has extensive experience working with all aspects of addiction including, sex, food, drugs and money. Having over 20 years of recovery. Her vision is to create an Industry that protects some of the most vulnerable individuals in society and to make the right treatment for addiction accessible to everyone. Fenella is a qualified Counsellor having studied at Birkbeck in London.
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Therapeutic Team Lead
I have a degree in Integrative Counselling and additional certificates in interpersonal group therapy, motivational interviewing and am a teacher trained mindfulness based relapse prevention practitioner. Love to see the change in others
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Lead Prescribing Nurse
In 2017 I undertook an Independent Nurse Prescribers course under the mentorship of a leading consultant psychiatrist in addiction medicine with Turning Point and, on qualifying, took a locum role in a women's prison. Currently I work in a category B as nurse prescriber within a drug and alcohol service where I assess/diagnose and treat a large number of patients with addiction problems.
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