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How to Safely Manage Alcohol Withdrawal at Home?

If you or a loved one is struggling to manage the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol addiction, help is always available, affordable and convenient at Steps+. Our alcohol home rehabilitation programme allows you or a loved one to stay at home while recovering from addiction and manage mild to severe episodes of withdrawal. Our programmes are tailor-fitted to the needs of our patients and include a range of support resources including access to medical care, ongoing psychological support, inpatient treatment when necessary and rehab centre facilities.

What withdrawal symptoms are expected from alcohol addiction?

Withdrawal symptoms vary from mild to intense, and that is the reason why we recommend having an expert to oversee your alcohol detoxification programme at home and ensure your safety. Alcohol addiction is responsible for a large number of fatalities in the UK every year with withdrawal symptoms causing problems with the stomach, including ulcers and even cancer. Excessive alcohol intake can also cause serious damage to the kidneys, liver and even cause Cirrhosis, which is often fatal.

Here are the usual withdrawal symptoms that patients experience from alcohol addiction:

  • Delirium Tremens
  • Tremors
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mood swings
  • Excessive sweating
  • High fever
  • Heart palpitation
  • Kidney dysfunction
  • Liver dysfunction
  • Hallucination
  • High blood pressure
  • Hyperventilation

It is very challenging to get rid of alcohol addiction because of severe withdrawal symptoms. The treatment of a patient depends on the duration of alcohol addiction and their alcohol intake volume.There are many treatment methods that you or a loved one can try at home. But before doing so, we highly recommend getting support from someone with experience, preferably a medical expert, to ensure safety measures are being adhered. Here are some of the most crucial must-knows before considering home treatment.

Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment at Home

Understand the withdrawal symptoms

Every alcohol addiction patient faces mild to severe withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification process. The symptoms may vary from patient to patient according to his condition and how long he or she has been taking alcohol. The symptoms include nausea, irritation, shakiness, nervousness and confusion. The patient will become more irritant and stressful when the cravings persist. It is necessary to continue the treatment to the point when there remains no substance in the body of the patient.

When the symptoms become more painful, it is mandatory to consult a doctor. It is important to pay close attention to the symptoms. It is also compulsory to stay at a place where you feel more comfortable.

Many people believe that alcohol withdrawal must be done at a residential treatment facility or hospital. However, Home detoxification ensures people can stay in the comfort of their own home while they get free of their addiction. This is ideal for anyone who wants help with an addiction, but who has responsibilities at work and home that they cannot leave. It will also suit anyone with a mental or physical disability, who would find the time away from home too difficult.

Healthy diet for alcohol detoxification

Consider what you eat and drink

During the process of home detoxification from alcohol, it is advisable to take care of your diet. There are many foods that aid the process of detoxification and make it easier for the patient. The patient should eat more and more fruits and vegetables as these are good for cleaning your body from toxins. Drinking lots of water is also a very good step during alcohol detoxification. The doctors suggest avoiding caffeinated food and drinks and avoid sweets as it may increase your nervousness.

Always ask for proper medication from your doctor

Each patient is recommended for different medications according to his/her condition during alcohol detox treatment. So you should properly consult with your doctor in order to keep yourself safe from adverse effects of medication.

We have trained medical advisers and support staff who advise on all aspects of the Steps Home Detox programme. However, we strongly advise that you consult with your own GP too. Beating alcohol addiction requires the support and service of a whole team of people, so enlist as much help as possible as you start on the road to recovery.


Friends support boosts the alcohol addiction recovery process

Always have a support system

The people most concerned about your alcohol addiction are your friends and family, they are the people who really care for you. So helping your friends during treatment is very important, you should always check whether they are progressing towards recovery or not. Providing full support to the patient boost the process of recovery. There should be no temptation at home where the patient is being treated. There should be a good environment for the patient at home in order to get the successful recovery.

One of the reasons many addicts relapse is that they fall back into old habits, such as meeting with their drinking buddies or rushing back into the local nightlife. Home Alcohol Detox requires additional willpower from the addict. You will need to commit to staying at home, except for essential outings like work or errands, and staying away from anyone who might entice you to drink. Your loved ones will help you through this time, so make the most of their presence and allow them to help you.

Staying clean in the future

Breaking the drinking cycle is tough. Even once you have done it, the urge to drink might always be there. Alcohol has a very strong grip on addicts, and it can be easy to relapse during a difficult time or when faced with temptation. That is why Home Detox offers ongoing support in the form of a Relapse Prevention programme. This weekly appointment is designed to help you stay drink free during those difficult weeks and months after your alcohol withdrawal treatment at home. You can drop in and out of the service as required. It is always available to you in the future if you feel you are struggling to stay clean.

For more information on any aspect of our alcohol home detox treatment or to seek support for yourself or a loved one, contact Steps today. We are based in Manchester, and available throughout the UK and Ireland.

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