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Is addiction taking over your life? Do you rely on alcohol or drugs to get through each day? Is a loved one struggling to beat their addiction? Drug home detox or alcohol home detox is the best way to break the addiction cycle, and get onto the road to recovery. Many assume that only residential rehab centres can get an addict off the drugs or drink, but in fact, a home detox programme can be just as effective.

Home detox programmes by Steps+ has all the benefits of a residential rehab programme, including access to medical and psychological support. However, you don't need to leave home to get the help you need. An increasing number of residents in Birmingham are now turning to our home detox programmes as a way to beat their addictions and return to full health.

Throughout Birmingham, we are available to be contacted to construct an individual medical home detox programme for you or your loved one.


Benefits of home detoxing for drugs & alcohol

Detoxing at home from alcohol & drugs has many benefits that you or a loved one can take advantage of. Start your home detox programme with Steps+ and enjoy the following benefits.

Experience a convenient home detoxification programme

Nothing is more valuable than being able to recover with the support of your loved ones, at the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the convenience of being able to go through your daily routine, work or even just spend time with your loved ones throughout the whole detox programme.

Reliable 24/7 support from an experienced team

The team has members that are recovering addicts themselves or have experienced a loved one with an addiction. Steps+ ensures we understand your needs to the highest level to keep you safe & make your recovery efficient.

A safe home detox programme in Birmingham

It is very critical to keep patients safe in the event that alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms, either physical or mental, becomes intense. For long term drug or alcohol abuse, an abrupt detox plan can be deadly, and the psychological cravings of addiction can be overwhelming.


Withdrawal symptoms of drugs & alcohol addiction

For the first days of alcohol abstinence, physical withdrawal is expected to occur, and the intensity varies from mild to intense, depending on every patient. Psychological withdrawal symptoms, on the other hand, are considered to be more severe than physical withdrawal.

While drug addiction withdrawal symptoms can be more complicated, it varies depending on the substance of abuse, method of intake, length of time and the amount of substance being abused. It is very important to have professional assistance to assure your safety as these withdrawal symptoms whether physical or mental can be very dangerous.


We can help you find the best home detox treatment throughout Birmingham

All our calls and advice is confidential, so for more information about home detox programmes available in Birmingham call us today for free & impartial advice and assistance! If you would like to speak to a specialist counsellor in Birmingham about home detox and addiction management, call 0333 444 0315 today and find out how we can help you.

Local support for addiction in Birmingham

For those living in and around Birmingham, Steps+ offers personalised home detox treatment plans. Treatment plans follow the Steps+ philosophy, which involves breaking down addiction into stages and overcoming one stage at a time. In addition to the home detox programme, our addiction counsellors provide ongoing support in the form of rehabilitation and therapy, and relapse prevention services.

Trusted addiction management counsellors

Many of our advisors and counsellors have battled addiction themselves, or supported a loved one with a drink or drug problems. We understand the complex nature of addiction, and we can support you through co-occurring addictions which are commonly seen in addicts around Birmingham. Many patients come to us when they have successfully weaned themselves off hard drugs, but are now reliant on prescription opiates - or when they have medicated a drink problem with illegal drugs.

We also understand the mental and physical health problems which can both lead to addiction, and result from it. Abuse of any substance can have a detrimental effect on a person's state of mind, and can severely damage the brain and organs too. Addiction can even prove fatal, especially when overdoses are taken or when alcohol destroys a person's liver. If you are struggling with addiction, it is essential that you get help before it is too late - and the Home Detox Birmingham programme by Steps could be the answer you need.


Getting help and avoiding relapse

Don't let addiction get the better of you. Help is available, right here in Birmingham, and you don't need to leave home or enter a hospital facility in order to break free of your addiction. You can take part in the Birmingham Home Detox programme, and the follow-up services we provide, in order to overcome your alcohol or drug dependency.


Start your home detox programme in Birmingham or throughout the UK

All our calls and advice is confidential, for more information about our Birmingham home detox programmes from our staff who are in recovery themselves, call us today for free and impartial advice and assistance!

Help and support is available seven days a week, with daily appointments during your home detox and regular meetings once you are free from the addiction. Managing withdrawal safely is just the first step on the road to recovery: but with Steps, you have somebody to help you along that road and stay free from addiction.

We also offer services throughout the Midlands and in the nearby areas of Birmingham, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and the West Midlands.

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