Alcohol & Drugs Employee Assistance Programmes

A single integrated solution for

Employee Assistance Programmes

Occupational Health Companies and Specialists

Employment Lawyers


Preventing personal alcohol & drug use developing into a Work Based Problem

Enabling early treatment rather than dismissing employees

Preventing loss of productivity
Improving health
Saving money
Meeting legal requirements

STEPS provides this unique opportunity for EAP providers, Occupational Health Specialists, employment Lawyers and Unions to provide the UK’s most effective solution to deal with the highly specialist area of employee alcohol and / or drug misuse, before the misuse becomes a problem for the employer.

This valuable integrated solution can either be sold by EAP Schemes, Occupational Health Specialists or employment Lawyers as a modular ‘add-on’ to your client companies or you can purchase STEPS services in-house and deliver them as part of an overall benefit to your clients or members.

The following integrated solution enables a company to deal with their known and crucially their hidden alcohol and drug problem, often able to prevent an employee’s drinking or drug taking from even becoming a work place problem.

  • Mandatory confidential employee and relative’s Alcohol & Drug telephone helpline.
  • Voluntary / self-help telephone helpline.
  • Assessment, placement & Case Management of In-Patient and Residential Treatment

STEPS National Network of Specialist Providers

STEPS Network provides UK wide access to the most comprehensive range of specialist addiction services in the UK providing the following to any employer’s site in the UK.

  • Employee Assessments.
  • Interventions.
  • Treatment and Return to Work Planning and management.
  • Case Management.
  • Competency Reviews and improvement management.
  • Alcohol & Drug Detoxification.
  • Alcohol & Drug counselling.
  • Alcohol & Drug rehabilitation.
  • Collection, transport and escorted into treatment.

Real Addiction Solutions for your clients

Don’t let a referral of an employee to their GP be the end of your solution to your employer client’s drug and alcohol problems – provide a real solution through STEPS.

The ‘right’ treatment

Accessing the right treatment that is likely to be the most effective for each client is at the centre of an effective and mutually beneficial treatment and return to work strategy.

STEPS in partnership with PPC Worldwide’s Treatment Team provides a specialist treatment selection process specifically to meet the needs of businesses and their Owners, Directors and staff.

The Factors affecting the cost of treatment

Each of these factors has a bearing on the ‘Best-Match’ of treatment for each client.

Through STEPS UK wide network of quality providers from our sister company Serenity Health, we will can assess individually for each client and employer, which of the UK’s Treatment Centres and Programmes is likely to offer the best treatment outcome for both Employer and Employee.

Range of cost

Clearly the cost of treatment is an important factor, sometimes critical even as to whether treatment is made available or not. We will find the ‘Best-Match’ of treatment within 1 of 6 price bands, which provide treatment ranging from detoxification only through to full detoxification and rehabilitation treatment Programmes and stand alone rehabilitation:-

Band 1 £ 2,750

Band 2 £ 4,400

Band 3 £ 6,700

Band 4 £ 8,900

Band 5 £13,500

Band 6 £20,500

Treatment Centres

Your clients, through STEPS, will be able to access over 600 treatment programmes delivered by the UK’s In-Patient and Residential Addiction Treatment Sector, providing access to meet treatment, geographical and cost requirements.

These centres who specialise in effective comfortable nurse led detoxification and the recovery of whole families and who’s programme is geared to people who are still reasonably highly functioning, but still need life-changing treatment. Our specialists who can treat a wide range of specialist addictions, including Work Addiction (which doesn’t actually benefit either employer or employee). Our other Centres specialise in treating people who have a co-existing mental health problems as well as centres who can treat people with ongoing clinical health problems such as liver damage or even Centres to work with people who have suffered alcohol or drug related brain injury.

Assessment and Admission

Assessment and Admission is carried out effectively and quickly by our specialist team, working with your own team. Admissions can be arranged within a week, but we can effect same-day admissions in real emergencies. Although a rapid admission does not always lead to an effective outcome, we recognise it is sometimes necessary in cases of medical need.

We can also provide an ‘Intervention’, which is designed to help the person who does not want to be helped. These can be effected through the family or workplace, but are generally effected through the cooperation of both employer and family.

Integrated Treatment delivery and Return to Work

Every employee and employers situation is unique and working with the employer and the Treatment Team at PPC, we will enable the delivery of a planned and effective approach to each individual situation which is designed to deliver the best outcome for both employer and employee.