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Is addiction taking over your life? Do you rely on alcohol or drugs to get through each day? Is a loved one struggling to beat their addiction? Detoxing from drugs or alcohol is the best way to break the addiction cycle, and get onto the road to recovery. Many assume that only residential rehab centres can get an addict off the drugs or drink, but in fact, a home detox programme can be just as effective.

East Anglia Home Detox by Steps has all the benefits of a residential rehab programme, including access to medical and psychological support. However, you don't need to leave home to get the help you need. An increasing number of East Anglia residents are now turning to Home Detox as a way to beat their addictions and return to full health.

Throughout East Anglia, we are available to be contacted to construct an individual medical home detox programme for you or your loved one.

Home Detox Plans East Anglia

When someone becomes physically dependant on drugs and/or alcohol they will need a detox in order to stop.] The only way to break from addiction and stay away from a substance is to stop using it entirely.

A lot of addicts will try to detox themselves because they can’t afford a residential detox programme but this can be dangerous - and even fatal. Detoxification needs to be conducted under medical supervision in order for it to be safe and comfortable. There can be some nasty side effects to self-withdrawal such as getting the shakes, vomiting, anxiety, sweating, agitation and insomnia.

We will devise a treatment plan that includes medical treatment and psychological support, along with practical tips for managing withdrawal. The East Anglia Home Detox programme starts with a full withdrawal from alcohol or drugs, which can be extremely traumatic for the addict and also for those around them. However, the withdrawal stage will pass, and you will start to feel better very soon. Fight through it, with the support and help of the Steps counsellors and advisors, and you can start to make a full recovery.

Home Detox Programmes for Drugs and Alcohol

We would always suggest that you seek medical help when thinking about detoxing. The East Anglia home detox means that you can get on with your life whilst in recovery; you will still be able to work and be part of your family. Many mistakenly believe that an addict is unable to function. In fact, many people with addictions to alcohol or drugs hold down jobs, have families and have relatively normal lives. Leaving home to enter residential rehab is not always practical, especially if you have home or work commitments.

Leaving home for treatment can also be extremely tough for anyone with a physical or mental disability. They may be better suited to the East Anglia Home Detox programme, so they can remain in their own home which is set up to accommodate their needs. Having familiar surroundings and the support of loved ones can help an anxious patient focus on their recovery, and not on the challenges of being away.

The cost of residential rehab can also be a barrier to addicts seeking treatment. A common effect of addiction is financial hardship, and residential programmes can be extremely expensive. A home detox such as the Steps East Anglia Home Detox Plan is far more cost effective and manageable, and plans can be tailored to suit your own budget and needs.

Cost Effective Solutions

  • detox for alcohol
  • receive drug and alcohol counselling
  • no need to visit a drug or alcohol treatment centre
  • private home detox service
  • detox for drugs
  • suitable as a pre-entry drug or alcohol rehab clinic programme

Home Detox has a proven success record, with thousands of addictions resolved across the East Anglia area. We don't just get you off the drink or drugs: we help you stay clean in the future. We provide ongoing support to our patients to prevent them from relapsing when the detox is complete.

As former addicts ourselves, we know the dangers of addiction and also the difficulties you will face during recovery. We can provide practical advice, speaking from experience, and help you manage your addiction with new coping strategies and techniques. The urge to drink or take drugs may never leave you fully, but with the Steps East Anglia Home Detox programme, you can learn to manage your addiction and overcome those urges when they strike.

We Can Offer a Home Detox Throughout East Anglia

All our calls and advice is confidential, so for more information about our East Anglia home detox programmes from our staff who are in recovery themselves, call us today for free and impartial advice and assistance! If you would like to speak to a specialist counsellor in East Anglia about Home Detox and addiction management, call 0333 444 0315 today and find out how we can help you.

We offer services in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

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