Counselling - A Valuable Piece In The Addiction Treatment Puzzle

Here at Home Detox, we know that for those suffering from, or those that are watching a loved one go through addiction, the physical dependence and withdrawal is not all.

In fact, the physical side of alcohol and drug addiction is really only half of the problem. A phenomenon that has long been recognised by specialists in this area. Our therapeutic team are based at the world's leaders of addiction at Harley St.

Of course, what that means is a successful alcohol and substance abuse treatment programme will include psychological treatment and mental health support. As well as just addressing the physical detoxification of the body, something that the team here at Home detox is fully aware of.

In fact, unlike many other UK addiction treatment providers, we have fully embraced modern technology. Thus allowing you to access telephone counselling or skype counselling in your home. Something that means you can continue with the routine of your day to day life, and avoid the inconvenience and vast expense of residential addiction facilities.

The physical side of addiction

That is not to say ridding your body of an addictive substance is any less critical in the struggle to defeat addiction, because it absolutely is. After all, physical withdrawal symptoms can be seriously challenging. In fact, in the case of alcohol, they can be dangerous, indeed.

However, here at Home Detox, we also recognize the importance of offering addiction counselling for those that are battling with substance abuse, as well as help with the physical side of things.
The psychological side of addiction

This is because many people that experience a problem with addiction also have other issues to contend with. Such as Trauma, anxiety disorders, typical or atypical depression, bio polar disorder, and even borderline personality disorder.

In fact, people with the disorders listed above are often much more likely to be at risk of substance abuse. A common explanation for this being substance misuse helps to modulate their emotional state. It is, therefore, a harmful form of self-medication. Often for an issue that they currently do not have the coping mechanism to deal with. In fact, in this way, the addiction is often seen as the symptom of the problem at hand. With such disorders being the root cause.

Importance of mental health in addiction recovery

What this means is teaching the person suffering from addiction, the coping mechanisms to allow them to be happy and successful in everyday life is critical. Something that the over the phone counselling we provide at Home Detox is designed to do.

Of course, it's not only underlying psychological conditions that can have an impact on addiction recovery but also our ability to deal with stress in general as well. With life events like moving house, getting a new job, experiencing a death or birth in the family, all being sources of additional stress that can increase the chance of relapse. Luckily, by choosing a provider that offers over the phone counseling, you can make sure your mental health, and so your recovery will be maintained, even during these trying times.

Of course, the trying situation that we are all facing right now is the unprecedented Corvid-19 Lockdown that coronavirus pandemic is presenting us with. With many of us confined to our homes because of and extremely worried about the ones we love. A situation that is doing little to keep our stress levels low.

Fortunately, even if you are stuck at home, the phone counselling we offer means you can speak to a professional and better manage your mental health. Something that can help protect your alcohol or substance addiction recovery.

Is online counselling effective for addiction?

Now you may be wondering whether addiction counselling over the phone is indeed an effective form of treatment?

Happily, research such as this 2014 study consistently shows that online and telephone cognitive behavioural therapy is very effective for many mental health issues. Alcoholism and drug addiction among them. Not to mention the other conditions that underlie them such as depression and anxiety disorders

Therefore, if you are looking for telephone counselling in the UK for alcohol or substance abuse consider Home Detox.

Home Detox is one of the only substance abuse treatment programmes that offer drug counselling that can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Also, unlike other addiction treatments specialists, you will find that Home Detox’s empathetic staff will offer you judgement-free assistance. A benefit that combined with the telephone alcohol counselling means Home Detox is a great UK choice for those that want to kick their addiction in the comfort of their own surroundings.

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