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When you are ready to overcome your addiction to alcohol or drugs, the first step is to reach out and ask for help. It can be very hard to admit that you have a drink or drug problem, but once you accept that addiction has taken control of you, you can start the work required to take that control back.

Understanding addiction

Addictions to alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs can all be extremely damaging to a person's physical and mental health, and also to their family and relationships, their career and their finances. If you or someone close to you is battling an addiction, you will know just what an impact the condition has on a person's life.

Help is at hand, in the form of the Home Detox UK programme offered by the Steps drug counselling service. Through a combination of medication, therapy and practical support, we help you through the stages of withdrawal, rehabilitation and recovery.

We can offer a drug and alcohol Home-based Community Detox in your own home if you do not wish to enter a residential recovery and rehabilitation centre.] For anyone with children or dependents, or with work commitments, leaving home for treatment may not be practical. A residential service may also be expensive, have a lengthy waiting list and be located many miles from the patient's home and family.

Support and advice with Home Detox UK

Our services are effective, affordable, high-quality and confidential – and are now easily accessible - as we cover the whole of the UK from our regional detox centres.] The Steps programme is available across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, plus Scotland, Wales and England. More information on local services can be found on the Steps website, or you can call 0333 444 0315 for regional information.

If you are wanting to enter any treatment programme you will need to undergo a medically supervised detox. This will allow the alcohol or substances to leave your body safely with the help of medication given to you. The detox will usually last between seven and 10 days.

Advantages of Home-based Detox

No Waiting: We can usually start the detox quickly – there are no waiting lists and we will arrange for a doctor to visit you as soon as we can agree a mutually convenient appointment. This can usually be arranged within two working days– in some areas of the UK, it can sometimes take just a little longer.

Safe Prescribing: Our Medical Practitioners will examine you and, where safe and appropriate, will prescribe a range of medication to ensure a comfortable detox.

Convenience: You can remain at home and continue with some of your own private commitments.

Cost-effective: Home-based treatment is cheaper – you do not have to pay for residential accommodation. Even if you require “additional support” for special reasons, it will still be less expensive than traditional detox services.

Private: The treatment will be private and confidential – your employer or GP does not have to be consulted. Your career might be in jeopardy if your condition is on the public record.

Nursing: You will receive visits from a nurse during the detox.

Affordable Ongoing Therapy: You will also be offered therapy from an addictions specialist for a month as part of the detox service. We recommend additional treatment as “staying off” alcohol and drugs is a lot harder than being medically detoxed.

Flexible Home Detox UK Programme

If your detox treatment is to be successful, it needs to meet your needs. Addictions are complex and every case is different, so there is no single 'cure' which will work for everyone. You may respond well to medicated withdrawal, or you may find that therapy and counselling hold the key to breaking your addiction. While the treatment plans require that you go through several key stages - including medically supervised detoxification and therapy - they can be customised to suit your needs.

Many patients have addictions that co-exist or struggle with a mental or physical health problem which makes it hard for them to break their addictive behaviour patterns. Addictions also form for different reasons - some are habit-based, and due to long-term heavy use of a substance, while others come on suddenly after a shock or trauma, such as a bereavement or divorce.

A personalised treatment plan will take into account your own needs and will ensure that you receive the support that will best help you to succeed. We highly recommend adding our release prevention package to your treatment programme in the first weeks and months, so that you are not tempted to return to your old ways. The relapse prevention service is available whenever you need it, providing extra support for addicts in recovery who are struggling to stay in control.

Start your Home Detox UK today

If you are ready to say goodbye to drink or drugs, and you want to take control of your life and build a future to look forward to, then take the first step with a call to Steps Home Detox UK. We have helped thousands of UK patients break free from their alcohol and drug addictions, we can do the same for you. Make the first move with a call to our team, who will set up a medical assessment and get you ready for the home detox process. After this, we can build a dedicated treatment plan that will help you overcome your addiction, and help regain your quality of life.
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