There was once a time when coming off drugs meant either going it alone, risking your health and your life in the process or spending a long period of time in a residential treatment facility. Now the trend of home detox is gaining popularity among people. Many people think that it is compulsory to get hospitalised for the treatment of detox, but the reality is that at home detox from drugs is more effective for the recovery of patient. A home drug detox programme has all the benefits of hospital treatment, but you can remain at home while you go through the various treatment stages.
There are many methods recommended by doctors to overcome drug addiction. A patient will feel the cravings until the substance is no longer present in the body. Following these home detox methods, along with a dedicated treatment programme, is very effective for the patient and their successful recovery.

Understanding drug addiction

If you, or someone close to you, is struggling with addiction, it can seem like there is no hope for recovery. The need for drugs often takes over, leaving the person desperate to keep taking more. This can lead to serious health problems, financial difficulties, family and relationship issues and problems at work. People with drug addictions may even turn to crime in order to find money for drugs.

Not all drug addicts have the same issues. It is important to understand the nature of the addiction: what is the patient taking? How do they obtain it? How long have they been addicted? The initial assessment will cover all of these details. When people think of drug addiction, they often think of heroin or cocaine. However, many chemical substances can be addictive - including so-called 'recreational drugs' like cannabis, or prescription drugs such as painkillers and antidepressants.

Why the home drug detox could be right for you?

A home drug detox programme means you get to stay at home, keep your family and work commitments - and save on the cost of a residential rehab stay. It is also well suited to those who have disabilities and need to be in their own home, or people with anxiety who need familiar surroundings and loved ones around.

Trying to come off drugs on your own is risky and dangerous. Sudden withdrawal without treatment can cause terrible illness. In some cases, it can even cause shock and organ failure. Medication is available to tackle some of the symptoms of withdrawal, and your treatment plan may include a drug replacement strategy such as a methadone programme, along with medicine to ease some of the symptoms of withdrawal.

The home drug detox plan also includes regular sessions with trained advisors and qualified therapists. This might include one-to-one sessions, group therapy or a blend of the two. Our advisors have been through addiction themselves or experienced it first hand, so they understand what you are going through and they have plenty of helpful advice to get you through the detox and recovery stages.

Stimulant Detox

Stimulant Detox

For getting rid of stimulant abuse, the best way is stimulant detox. This detox restores the required nutrients in the body and keeps the body healthy and full of energy. The stimulant detox is not dangerous but it also has some side effects. These side effects involve fatigue, increase in appetite, nausea depression and many other symptoms.

Basically, stimulants are the medicines that are used to increase the heart rate of the patient and also beneficial for metabolism. This is used to speed up the overall body function of the patient. These medicines include amphetamines, cocaine, ephedrine and piperazines.

Opiate Detox

Opiate Detox

For the treatment of addiction to opium poppy drugs, the opiate detox is the best solution. Drugs in this category include morphine, codeine, hydrocodone and heroin, which are medications often used to treat severe pain and illness.

Just like the stimulant detox, the opiate detox is not harmful but it also has side effects. This may cause, at very worst, symptoms such as flu, diarrhoea, cold and very severe pain.

It is recommended for the patients who are going through opiate detox to focus on the symptoms of their withdrawal, and allow their body to produce more endogenous pleasure chemicals.] Gentle exercise, a good healthy diet, lots of water and plenty of rest will give your body chance to recover, ease some of your symptoms and give you a better overall feeling of health and wellbeing.

It is recommended for the patients who are going through Opiate Detox to focus son the symptoms of their withdrawal, and allow their body to produce more endogenous pleasure chemicals.

OTC Detox Aids

OTC Detox Aids

Many detox medications are being used for the purpose of dealing with withdrawal symptoms. The price of these medications is usually less than £20. These medications include yerba mate, ginger, and peppermint. You can buy many of these remedies over the counter at your local pharmacy, or find them in your nearest health food store or drug store.

For the symptom of fatigue after withdrawal, the best and effective remedy is yerba mate. This medicine is good for the mood swings because of its MAOI properties. There are several other medications and herbs for this purpose such as gingko biloba - a Korean ginseng.

There are few gastrointestinal effects as symptoms of drug withdrawal, the medication for these symptoms are ginger and peppermint. There are many benefits of ginger as compared to Dramamine, as it decreases the side effects very fast. Ginger is also good for many types of nausea.] Peppermint tea is very good for easing an upset stomach and it is also a soothing drink that may help you sleep more soundly.

For dealing with diarrhoea and cramping, the best detox medication is Imodium. These symptoms happen in case of opiate drug withdrawal.

Healthy lifestyle for fast alcohol detox

Healthier lifestyle

There are lots of detox drugs that can be used for dealing with the withdrawal symptoms, but the best way to deal with these symptoms and to get a fast recovery is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes drinking more water, eating vegetables and fruits, regularly exercising and having a very balanced diet. If a person maintains this healthy lifestyle he recovers very fast and faces fewer withdrawal symptoms. For getting more information about home drug detox you should consult a doctor. The doctor will guide you through the best approaches according to your condition.

Start your recovery journey right now!

A home drug detox has a better chance of succeeding if you follow the tips outlined above, as well as sticking to your treatment plan and following the addiction management steps we give you. We understand addiction and we know that change won't happen overnight. However, by searching for this page and finding our service, you have already taken the first steps towards getting the help you need. Take the next step by calling our free helpline on 0333 444 0315, and let our advisors talk you through the home drug detox plan. You could soon be on your way to a drug-free, healthy and happy future.

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