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Our success in treatment is based on years of experience with what works in addiction recovery.

We treat each person who comes to us with care and respect, while providing a safe place for treatment. Our treatment philosophy is based on our belief that addiction is a disease and that abstinence is the best way to manage the condition.

We approach treatment in a holistic way, working with mind, body and spirit as components for a healthy life. Alcohol and drug addiction treatment is delivered by our team of professionals including nurses, psychiatrists, substance abuse/addiction counsellors and recreation specialists.

Ireland home detox

Accepting you need support to overcome a drug or alcohol problem is a significant step.

After we have encouraged our loved one to seek help it can feel like a weight has been lifted, and they can finally begin to move forwards.

However, acceptance is just the first step in a complex journey for the person who has lived with alcohol or drug dependency.

As their friends and family it is crucial that you do all you can to support them in maintaining their recovery.

That’s where we come in, at Ireland Home Detox we offer a unique personalised service which enables your loved one to get the professional support they need in the comfort of their own home.

Thanks to our team of fully qualified counsellors, psychiatrists, nurses and specialists we are on hand to guide your loved one through every aspect of their recovery, offering them expert one-to-one support to overcome their addiction.

We recognise that not everyone reacts to treatment in the same way, as such we offer a diverse and holistic approach, which treats them with the care and respect they deserve.

Home-based counselling

Opening up about your addiction is a highly personal experience which can feel overwhelming at the start.

Our experienced team recognise that in order for your loved one to address their drug or alcohol issues, they must feel supported and encouraged to do so in a safe and nurturing space.

As such we offer a variety of home-based counselling service which are designed to meet your loved one’s unique emotional and medical needs. These are created with the expert support of our team of mental health, medical, and addiction specialists, who are on hand to guide their recovery every step of the way.

By offering a solution tailored to their needs we believe that they will begin to regain control of their lives and truly beat their addiction in the long term.

Home drug detox

More and more people are approaching us about undergoing home drug detox.

This allows addicts to effectively withdraw from their substance abuse without the need to check into a treatment facility.

Our home detox is designed to offer maximum support to your loved one, whether they are struggling with heroin, opiate, stimulant, or OTC addiction.

Home detoxes are tailored to the patients’ individual needs under the guidance of our specialists, and as such are more effective in the long-term recovery of your loved one.

Each of our specially created home drug detox programmes offers specific guidance to overcome your loved one’s particular drug addiction. As such our stimulant detox helps to replenish the body’s nutrients and boost energy levels, while opiate patients are supported in allowing their body to produce natural pleasure chemicals.

Alcohol detox

Alcohol can begin to dominate your loved one’s life over a sustained period, and very soon they could find themselves in the grip of addiction.

Our Home Alcohol Detox methods aim to help them reclaim their lives in a safe space to effectively overcome their alcohol issues.

Alcohol detoxification requires the support and guidance of a medical professional, so before undertaking any treatment we would advise your loved one to first consult with their GP.

Once their ability to take part in a full detox is confirmed, we will help them set boundaries, accept their limitations, and prioritise self care as part of their home-based treatment.

Steps including eating healthily, avoiding temptation, and getting support from loved ones to maintain recovery are all encouraged and supported by our expert team.

To learn more about our Ireland home detox programmes, contact us today!

Home Detox Counselling Services

We offer a broad range of counselling services designed exclusively to meet the unique emotional and mental health needs of individuals, and their families, recovering from alcohol, drugs and related diseases. Given our years of experience, we ensure that clients receive high quality, professional mental health, and counselling services consistent with Twelve Step principles, including abstinence from mood-altering drugs.

In Ireland it is estimated that one in ten people are alcoholic, and that alcoholism in one person, directly affects the lives of at least 4-5 others. Alcohol is a drug, a sedative, which depresses the central nervous system. Used consistently and long term, it can cause liver damage, heart and other health problems, and inevitably physical dependency. Alcoholism has a devastating impact on each family member and on the family as a whole.

Continual Care

Our Continuing Care Programme is available to everyone who completes home detox Programme. It involves attending a support group session every week. At this meeting you will be encouraged to discuss your recovery and share the issues and problems that arise. We strongly encourage family members to become involved in the Continuing Care Programme. Everyone in a family is effected by addiction and can benefit from help and support through recovery.

Family Program

If you are concerned about someone and your husband/wife or partner/sibling/friend doesn’t think he/she has a problem, then our family programme may be able to help.

One of the key features of addiction is that the individuals will often deny that there is any problem. You may also find that you, your family, friends, colleagues become involved in this denial, making excuses for, covering up for, and keeping secret the problems that arise.

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