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Are you worried about your own alcohol or drug addiction, or concerned about a loved one who is using drugs or drinking too much? The Nottinghamshire Home Detox programme is designed to help addicts recover in their own homes, while supported by medical professionals and trained counsellors.

Whether you have an addiction yourself or you are close to someone who is addicted, seeking help is the first step to recovery. A home detox programme means that withdrawal and recovery take place surrounded by loved ones and home comforts, to maximise the chance of success. It can be a more cost-effective and convenient way of tackling an addiction.

All our Nottinghamshire home detox plans will be medically supervised, alongside which you will receive the emotional and psychological support needed when withdrawing from alcohol or drugs.

Home Detox Plans Nottinghamshire

Many people often become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol so need a detox to help them with their recovery. Some people will try to detox alone, often not knowing that it can be dangerous and have bad withdrawal symptoms as a consequence.

For a detoxification to be safe it needs to be conducted under experienced medical supervision.

The side effects it can cause are getting the shakes, vomiting, anxiety, sweating, agitation and insomnia.  If you are detoxing alone because you can’t afford an inpatient detox programme, our Nottinghamshire home detox programme will be just what you are looking for.

Many people remain addicted to alcohol or drugs because they cannot afford the treatment to get clean. They mistakenly believe that a residential rehabilitation facility is their only option. However, a home detox could be the answer. With the Nottinghamshire Home Detox programme by Steps, there are no residential costs; you only pay for the treatment itself. You can also return to work much more quickly if you withdraw and recover at home, so you won't lose out on wages.

Home Detox Programmes for Drugs and Alcohol

It is an affordable alternative to residential treatment for those who don’t have a lot of time or money to put into their recovery due to family commitments.

Call our friendly, experienced detox team today to have a free assessment for a Nottinghamshire home detox.

You can have a controlled detox with us knowing that our medical staff are fully qualified to give a full medical detox alongside our dedicated team of counsellors who are always on hand when you need help and advice.

Our free assessment will look at the extent of your addiction and work out an individualised home detox treatment programme for you or your loved one, to ensure that they receive the best possible medical treatment and supervision to give you the best chances of recovery.] If you are prescribed medication, make sure you stick to the correct dose and schedule. Don't mix it with any alcohol or other drugs. The medicine will make the detox easier, so you can focus on getting better.

Cost Effective Solutions

  • detox for alcohol
  • receive drug and alcohol counselling
  • no need to visit a drug or alcohol treatment centre
  • private home detox service
  • detox for drugs
  • suitable as a pre-entry drug or alcohol rehab clinic programme

Understanding addiction

Alcohol and drugs are extremely damaging substances when they are used to excess, or used too often. Becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol can take over your life entirely, causing problems with your health, your family and relationships, your job and your finances. In severe cases, addicts may lose their home and chronic health conditions are common. Addictions often prove fatal.

It is important to act fast with an addiction. Many lives are lost each year because of drugs or alcohol, anyone who wishes to avoid becoming another statistic needs to act fast and get clean. The risk of ill health or death decreases dramatically as soon as the drug intake is stopped, and as the body slowly recovers those risks will fall even further. Much of the damage caused by drink and drugs is reversible, so long as you act before it is too late.

The advisors working with the Nottinghamshire Home Detox programme are former addicts themselves or have experience of addiction. They offer practical counselling and support, including advice on managing withdrawal and tips on staying strong while you recover. The Steps home detox network proves that there is life after addiction. Perhaps one day you too could be a drugs counsellor, advising patients on how to face their own problems and inspiring them to be successful by telling your own story.

Regional Office: Home Alcohol Detox

Suite 1814, 109 Vernon House, Friar Lane, Nottingham NG1 6DQ

0333 444 0315

We Can Offer a Home Detox Throughout Nottinghamshire

As local addiction counselling specialists, we serve across the county of Nottinghamshire and its towns and villages. Our Nottinghamshire home detox plans are offered to patients across the county, including districts: Arnold, Attenborough, Beeston, Bingham, Bracebridge, Bulwell, Carlton, Cotgrave, Eastwood, Hucknall, Kilton, Kimberley, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Mansfield, Mansfield Woodhouse, Netherfield, Newark-on-Trent, Ollerton, Ollerton and Boughton, Retford, Southwell, Stapleford, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Toton, Warsop, West Bridgford, Worksop and throughout the Midlands.

We also offer services throughout the Midlands and in the nearby areas of Birmingham, Leicestershire, LincolnshireNorthamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and the West Midlands.

Call our Nottinghamshire home detox team today to discuss starting your recovery today.] We have a helpline which is available seven days a week, between the hours of 8am and 9pm. You can reach us by calling 0333 444 0315. There is also email support available, and of course, you can meet with our team for support during your treatment.

Our counselling team can also offer an aftercare programme to help you continue your recovery long after your home detox has been completed.

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