Those of you who are visiting Home Detox because of your own drinking dependency problems may well also be lamenting the fact quitting drinking will also mean you can never socialise with friends in a local bar again.

For regular, long-term drinkers, the thought of not being able to join their friends on nights out can be a major concern, perhaps even making quitting harder than it should be.

But is it really impossible to go out to the bar and have a good night socialising, without alcohol being a constant, all-encompassing presence?

Actually, no it isn’t!

As more and more young people shun alcohol as time goes by, and cities such as London continue to grow so large that people who live in apartments often use them as a living room, a new place for socialites to congregate has arisen – sober bars.

A Bar With No Alcohol?!

Yep – in the last couple of years, sober bars have been growing in popularity. 

In larger cities such as London, New York and Amsterdam, the options are wide and varied.

From wide selections of non-alcoholic beers, to fancy cocktails with inventive ingredients like lingonberries or jalapeno puree, to fancy non-alcoholic sparkling wines and more, these “no alcohol bars” allow people a place to drink, dance, get involved with each other’s conversions, and network – all without the lingering threat of painful headaches and a written-off-day to follow.

For those who like to go out but aren’t fans of drinking alcohol, this is revolutionary, but there’s a group to whom it might be even more revolutionary. The alcohol dependent, or the recently recovered alcoholic.

Alcohol-Free Bars for Recovering Alcoholics

For those who are currently trying to overcome alcohol addiction, or who recently have – the temptation of going back out to your old haunts and hanging with your old friends can be overwhelming. However, if those friends are still drinking and those haunts are clubs, pubs and bars – you might have a real problem with temptation.

Sober bars effectively solve this issue as socialising without being exposed to temptation, or even something as seemingly innocuous as the smell of alcohol, makes avoiding a relapse that much easier.

Whereas alcohol-free bars have been a thing in the past, they’ve typically been for the non-drinker only. Modern trends make these more recent appearances pretty different.

We live in a time where meat eaters will happily go to a vegan restaurant just to try it out, and this increased open-mindedness towards experimentation and different ways of living has spread to sober bars, too. It’s not unusual to see a group of drinkers go to one for a few drinks just for the experience, then moving onwards to a traditional bar for shots afterwards.

What does this mean for the recovering alcoholic?

Well, it means the non-alcoholic bar in your area is likely to be a sustainable business unlike the temporary fads they once were, and that getting your friends to join you there is potentially easier than ever- a win-win!

Bar Culture in Non-Alcoholic Bars

Bars are a place to socialise and relax, and centuries of habit and social pressure have led the majority of people to believe alcohol is a necessary part of that. 

People who spend time at sober bars, however, tend to comment about how safe, friendly, and non-rowdy the venues feel in comparison to traditional bars and clubs.

Whereas you might wonder about the absence of “dutch courage” and “social lubricant” people singing together or dancing on tables without a care in the world is far from an uncommon site in sober bars.

It seems that whereas the difference between a drinker and a non-drinker was once a major, uncrossable line, leading to non-drinkers often being considered outsiders or not included in events, things have changed dramatically these days.

Whereas drinking is still a major part of UK culture and can still easily be found on the streets of any UK town, the number of people who don’t drink continues to rise, and an entirely new group of “drink-optional” people – people who drink occasionally, but don’t make it a focal point of their night – has arisen.

In the long term, this can only be a positive in terms of inclusion, and can only be beneficial for those who have overcome an alcohol addiction and want to be able to socialise with their friends without walking into a den of temptation!

Sober Bars UK

Is this something you’d like to experience for yourself?

Here are some of the most popular non-alcoholic bars in the UK, but it’s far from an exhaustive list, so we recommend doing some research on options in your local area:


Redemption Bar


The Permit Room (serves alcohol, but has a wonderful alcohol-free selection)


The Brink




The Epicurean

Who knows – you might just find a new favourite local that allows you to continue going out whenever you like, without the threat of relapse or temptation!

This is something that alcoholics didn’t have access to in years gone by, the power of which shouldn’t be underestimated!

So who’s round is it next?!

Home Detoxification for Alcohol Dependency

Are you or a loved one suffering from alcohol addiction?

Do you require professional help to get your life back under control?

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