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Are you looking for help and support with addiction issues? Has alcohol or drug addiction taken over your life and started to affect your health and wellbeing? If you are worried about addiction and seeking the support of a professional counsellor, you need to contact the Suffolk Home Detox programme and arrange an appointment. We are pleased to be able to offer home detox programmes throughout the county of Suffolk.

Home Detox Plans Suffolk

You can be confident about getting the right help and support from our dedicated medical team from our Suffolk home detox programme. We take into account your own issues with addiction, and also any health conditions you may have that could affect your treatment.

We have a qualified team of professional medical staff, drug and alcohol addiction counsellors and experienced advisors. They are on hand to give you the encouragement and support psychologically, as well as to administer any prescribed medication that will help you to safely and comfortably withdraw from alcohol and/or drugs.

Our Suffolk home detox team will always be available over the telephone to give you the help and support whilst undergoing your home detox programme. You can come to us for help at any stage during the detox process, we also offer aftercare and ongoing support during your recovery.

Home Detox Programmes for Drugs and Alcohol

Without the professional help and support of our highly qualified staff, most people would find it very difficult and daunting to try and stop drinking or taking drugs by themselves. Many addicts fail to rid themselves of alcohol or drugs because they try to detox by themselves, without a professional support programme in place.

Withdrawing from alcohol or drugs can have many side effects, some of which can prove fatal. That is precisely why all our home detox programmes are carried out under medical supervision and with the help and support you will need.

We know taking the first step to recovering from your addiction can be a frightening and daunting one, but many of our team of experts are in recovery themselves and have first-hand knowledge of beating addictions. They are there to help get you through the withdrawal process and will help you beat your illness.

Our dedicated Suffolk home detox counsellors and medical team can show you how to beat this illness without the need of having to leave your home. Whilst a residential treatment programme is best suited for some people, for others a home detox plan is their only option.

We will provide advice and help so you can manage the physical effects of your withdrawal, and cope with the symptoms. This includes information on what to eat and advice about gentle exercises that can help you focus on recovery. We also help you identify your addiction triggers so that you can learn to avoid them.

Cost Effective Solutions

Residential rehab can be very expensive, but a home detox offers the same high level of care and treatment at a fraction of the cost. You don't need to pay for accommodation, meals and other living expenses, so your treatment package includes just the medication and support programmes you will need to detox effectively - there are no hidden extras.

There are many other benefits to the Suffolk home detox programme. A home detox allows you to get back to your normal life much more quickly, once you are through the initial detox. With a residential programme, you are often expected to stay for several weeks or more to receive your treatment. This can be very restrictive, especially if you have work or family commitments.

  • detox for alcohol
  • receive drug and alcohol counselling
  • no need to visit a drug or alcohol treatment centre
  • private home detox service
  • detox for drugs
  • suitable as a pre-entry drug or alcohol rehab clinic programme

If you intend to take part in residential rehab, you may wish to get through the initial detox first. This will make your stay easier. A home detox can be a good first step to recovery before entering a more intensive programme. Home detox is also successful as a standalone treatment, as long as it is carried out under medical supervision and with the support of trained professionals.

We Can Offer a Home Detox Throughout Suffolk

Our detox support services are available throughout Suffolk and the surrounding areas, including the following towns and districts:

Aldeburgh, Beccles Brandon, Bungay, Bury St Edmunds, Clare, Dommoc, Eye, Felixstowe, Framlingham, Hadleigh, Halesworth, Haverhill, Kesgrave, Leiston, Mildenhall, Needham Market, Newmarket, Orford, Saxmundham, Southwold, Stowmarket, Sudbury, Walton, Woodbridge and throughout East Anglia.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you live in and around Suffolk and if you need help with addiction, pick up the phone and request an appointment with our home detox specialists.

We Also Offer Home Detox services in the nearby areas of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

Contact the Suffolk home detox programme

If you or a loved one would like more free advice on our Suffolk home detox programmes, call today for immediate help! We are waiting to take your calls and answer your questions.

You can speak to an advisor about your specific addiction issues on 0333 444 0315. All calls are treated in the strictest confidence and our advisors have experience of addiction themselves so they will offer a friendly and understanding support service.

Take the first step towards your recovery with the Steps Home Detox service in Suffolk and across the South of England. You can start your treatment almost immediately, so you can start your journey to recovery far sooner. Pick up the phone, seven days a week, for support, information and advice on beating your addiction.

Get Started On Your Journey To Recovery

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