If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, it can be a difficult and traumatic time. Addictions are powerful and they can completely take over a person's life. Everything from physical and mental health to family and relationships, employment and housing can be affected by an addiction. Being addicted to a substance can quickly become a financial drain, and the addict's personality and character can be greatly affected as well.

Beat your addiction with the Home Detox programme

Breaking away from an addiction is tough, but it can be done with the right support. If you are committed to your treatment plan and ready to seek help, you may not need to go through residential rehab in order to start your recovery. You can go through your alcohol or drug detox at home, where you are comfortable and supported by loved ones. To give you the best possible chance at beating your addiction, Home Detox by Steps offers professional support from qualified and experienced counsellors, with personalised addiction support programmes for you.

Who are we?

Home Detox is part of the Steps group, and has one simple objective: to help as many people as possible to start the best possible journey to recovery. There is no better place to begin your treatment. With over 15 years of helping patients recover from the challenges of addiction and other co-occurring disorders, Steps provides an unparalleled range of services delivered by a complete team of qualified and passionate individuals.

About Steps

Steps is a UK detox support programme which takes addicts through a series of recovery steps, including treatment and ongoing support, so that the sufferer might break free of their addiction. The Home Detox programme is part of the Steps network. It helps addicts throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

All Steps counsellors and advisors are fully trained and hold relevant qualifications. We have medical staff, counsellors and psychologists available, who consult with us on the best patient programmes and offer valuable input into your Home Detox recovery plan.

Who are our patients?

We provide support for Home Detox patients who wish to break free of their alcohol or drug addictions. If residential rehab is not suitable for you, or if the rates of an intensive programme are too high for your budget, then Home Detox by Steps could be right for you. Our Home Detox is practical for anyone with work or caring commitments, or those with a physical or mental disability who find being away from home difficult.

Among our specialist home support services, we offer comprehensive treatment programmes for alcohol addiction, and for addictions to heroin, prescription opiates, and marijuana. We can also assist with other substance addictions.

How our treatment works

We have a deep understanding of addiction and its root causes. We know that many of our patients have co-existing conditions, have been through difficult circumstances, and have other hardships to face along with their addiction. Addiction is often a vicious circle, with the addict using substances to deal with their poor circumstances, which have arisen as a result of their addiction.

Addiction may lead a person into mental and physical ill health, but it can also develop as a result of it: for example, a patient may become addicted to opiates after receiving pain medication for a serious injury. Home Detox provides daily input and medical supervision in the early stages of your treatment, while you go through withdrawal safely at home, before moving to the recovery phase with counselling ad group sessions, online support and more.

Staying addiction-free

An addict is always going to be an addict, to some extent: they will always feel the drive to take drugs or drink, especially at times of stress. However, the Home Detox programme understands the risks of relapse - and we aim to help you stay on that road to recovery by avoiding or eliminating those risks.

To ensure the best possible chance of staying clean, we help you understand what drives your addiction, and support you as you learn coping strategies. To prevent a relapse, we provide ongoing support after a recovery programme is completed. This includes weekly appointments with a trained counsellor, and access to telephone support seven days a week.

If you are ready to start your journey to recovery through the Home Detox programme, call our free helpline right now on 0333 444 0315.

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